Hillbilly Elegy (2020) MOVIE

July 16, 2024 Ozil 0

A Yale Law student reflects on his family’s history and his own future after returning to his Appalachian hometown. Hillbilly Elegy (2020) MOVIE

Spanglish (2004) MOVIE

July 15, 2024 Ozil 0

Flor and Cristina migrate to America to live a better life. They then move into the home of John and Deborah, and all of them […]

Big Brother (2018) MOVIE

July 15, 2024 Ozil 0

A soldier-turned-high school teacher uses unusual methods to reach to a class of poor students, while dealing with a greedy entrepreneur and his gang of […]

The Package (2018) MOVIE

July 14, 2024 Ozil 0

When four teenage friends go on a camping trip during spring break, an unfortunate accident sets off a race against time to save one’s most […]

Catch-22 (1970) MOVIE

July 14, 2024 Ozil 0

Disillusioned with World War II, army pilot Captain John Yossarian tries to get himself declared mentally unstable in order to get out of the conflict. […]

Eddie the Eagle (2015) MOVIE

July 7, 2024 Ozil 0

Eddie Edwards, an underdog ski-jumper, tackles various challenges in order to become the first participant to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski-jumping. Eddie the Eagle […]

Dog (2022) MOVIE

July 7, 2024 Ozil 0

US Army Ranger Jackson Briggs travels with Lulu, a military dog, to the funeral of her handler. During their journey, the duo breaks laws and […]