Insta Millionaire (Pocket FM) (2022) MOVIE

A humble and sweet boy, Laxman aka Lucky, becomes a billionaire the same night his heart is broken by his Girlfriend for being poor. His bank account gets credited with all the family’s wealth, and it’s now up to him how to use it.

It follows the journey of a young man named ‘Lucky’, as he rises from rags to riches in a thrilling game of luck. Despite his humble beginnings and struggles, Lucky remains strong and selfless, keeping his hardships hidden from his love-life, even when his girlfriend cheats on him. Things take an unexpected turn when he receives a message on his phone – he is no longer poor and has become a millionaire. Considering Lucky’s hardships over the years, does he let the wealth affect him or not? Will he finally find happiness and love in his life? It revolves around the rags-to-riches storyline, narrated through a game of luck that turns a poor person rich overnight. Listen it now.


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